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Secretarial Services

Our corporate team ensures that your Cyprus Company is fully compliant with all the applicable laws

Secretarial Services

At EROTOKRITOU Chartered Accountants we provide secretarial, fiduciary, administration and corporate compliance services through our legal associates which are established and specialized corporate service providers.

Our team of specialists will ensure the delivery of best corporate practices that meet your demands in any subject regarding secretarial services. We focus on solution-oriented advice, understanding the client's affairs and any issues arising from these, and try to solve them in a timely manner.

We offer a wide range of Secretarial Services including:

  • The provision of physical or corporate directors

  • Nominee shareholders

  • Company secretary

  • The provision of registered office address

  • Ensuring compliance with legal obligations

  • Maintaining Statutory Books

  • Preparation and filling of all returns

  • Notifications to the Registrar of Companies of any changes

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